Social networking is an innovative and fastest mode of expressing views, knowledge, and information on a large scale at one single click. The people pay more attention to the information that they encounter on the networking sites as it has gained maximum popularity over a short period of time. Therefore we come to many market products and services being advertised on different platforms of social media, for example, a student can surf the internet and hire the assistance of one of the best essay writing services in a matter of seconds. MARKETINGESSAY.COM has witnessed many business enterprises promoting their products and services online every passing second and public are being influenced and compel themselves to buy or avail such services. In spite of all that there are several business enterprises that are not able to see any increase in sales even after extensive marketing online. Every picture has another side to it, similarly, marketing of products and services online tags along various advantages and disadvantages that the company faces.

  1. The upside of online marketing:
    • The advertisements are designed by professional essay writers who can draft any piece of writing irrespective of its length, therefore, no flaw can be marked in their masterpiece.
    • The online marketing costs are extremely low in comparison to the conventional methods of products and services marketing.
    • The advertisement has the ability to reach globally with the readily available internet that can be accessed anytime.
    • The enterprise can reach their target audiences with the use of correct keywords and the audience can also find them in less time using the specific keywords.
    • The online marketing aware the enterprise of the progress of their advertisement within a short period of time.
  2. The downside to online product and service marketing:
    • The relationship of trust between the company and the customers cannot be established as they are not able to meet face to face.
    • The virtual space is occupied with fraudulent advertisements as well and there is a minimum chance of identifying the honest and reliable one amongst them which irritates the customer and the company suffers simultaneously.
    • There are numerous companies advertising the same product like in the case of essay writing services or cosmetic products which minimize the sales of the renowned company as the customers fail to avail the services of the best.

Online marketing is a boon when the company is able to influence the target audience. It is a fairly new method of advertising goods and services on a large scale on the press of the enter key. However, no method is hundred percent reliable and a wise company should keep that in mind.
The companies can hire professional writers that can draft an impressive but they are rare to find as there are many essay writing services that promise to be the best so it becomes the responsibility of the company to choose sensibly. Contact MARKETINGESSAY.COM for professional writing assistance.


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