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The assignment is the task given by teachers to their pupils which they are required to submit within a given period of time. They can do it anywhere but class, same as homework. An assignment can be of any type. It can be a writing task, learning work, practical questions solving problem, lab experiment, making power point presentation, reflective journal and much more. Not only can this it be a group task or an individual task. It is given to enhance student’s knowledge, to check how much student has learned or understood the lessons given in the class. It imbibes various qualities in a student which entirely depends on the nature of the activity. Group task involves brainstorming, mind mapping, it will make a student better team player and bring out the hidden leader out. Assignment task makes them punctual for they have to submit the work within given deadline. It makes them more responsible and disciplined. Students learn to pre-plan, they start taking things seriously for their scores are at stake. It is always recommended to keep some time spare for reviewing, proofreading and in case any additions have to be made. Before starting with the assignment students must clear all his or her doubt with the instructor.
There is nothing interesting about assignment writing task as per students. Lack of interest is the first issue that makes student exceeds their submission deadline. Students with poor writing and researching skills have to struggle with the writing assignment. The scarcity of resources, improper environment, and lack of focus are other reasons that make assignment writing a complicated task. Students make the mistake of reading the data in large scale and by the time they sit down to write, not even half of it, they are able to recall. Students, at the time, take their work for granted thinking they will take it up later and when they see the due date is approaching fast, it is too late for them.
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