In order to survive in the highly competitive environment of business along with the responsibility to maintain the goodwill of the company, the enterprises hire the writers from best essay writing services or a PR manager to help them achieve and enjoy that goal for a longer period of time. The aim of the modern and current companies is to increase the sales and have a huge list of regular customers or clients. MARKETINGESSAY.COM has noticed that there are two different views on the relationship between the marketing essay and public relations. However, they are similar in a certain way yet different and to comprehend the benefits that an enterprise derives from one needs to understand the two terms separately and together.

  • The public relation is defined as an activity which aims at forming a positive image of the company. The purpose that a PR serves involves establishing a link of mutual understanding between the company and its clients based on honesty, knowledge and total awareness.
  • On the other hand, marketing is a process of scheduling and implementing of the plans made. The major activities that marketing involves are product growth, establishing links of communication, the organization of distribution, pricing of the products, etc.

The differences between PR and marketing:
Both the tools that attempt to maintain a positive opinion of the company in front of the public are somewhat similar as thought by the public, however, the practice of the either tool has been very different by the companies.
The essay writers that attempt to draft an impressive marketing essay for the company; keep in mind the following points that it should serve:

  • Promotion of the goods and services that the company offers to the customers.
  • The main goal is to increase the sales.
  • The implicit target is to make the profit.
  • The victory depends on the amount of sales and profit.

The PR attempts to win the enterprise the following points:

  • The organization helps in adapting the public and company.
  • The main goal is to establish a bond.
  • The implicit target is to encourage favorable perception.
  • The victory depends on the expression of public support and opinion of the enterprise.

The similarity between PR and marketing is noticeable as both aim to establish a link of mutual trust between the public and the enterprise but the strategy is different. The both tools of developing the reputation of the company are interdependent on each other and nowadays public relation is a strong mechanism that influences the marketing as a whole. The business enterprise needs a candidate who is an optimist and has a way with words and impressive communication skills because he may be required to write an essay or address the public verbally to ensure the enterprise receives the attention that it deserves. The skills asked are difficult to be proficient but not impossible, professional writing assistance can be hired from essay writing services to establish a career with renowned business enterprises.
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